Staging of “Sandeshawali Kawinaluwa” (සන්දෙශාවලි කවිනළුව)

Sandeshawali Kawinaluwa (සන්දෙශාවලි කවිනළුව) is a musical allure created based on Gira (ගිරා), Parewi (පරෙවි), Kokila (කෝකිල), Salalihini (සැළලිහිණි), and Hansa (හංස) sandesa poetries written in the Kotte Period (1412–1597).  This musical evening is organized by the Cultural Committee of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and will be held on the 02nd of April 2019 from 5.00 pm onwards at the Main Hall of the BMICH.

Organized by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, this epic literary event will witness the blending of traditional Sandesha Kawi with the performing arts. A unique feature of this literary event is the fact that over 200 performers of the University will share the stage in a literary culmination of verse and performance to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. Keeping in line with the founding traditions of the University the Sandeshawali Kawimaluwa will celebrate the rich literary and performance traditions of the nation with a gathering of eminent literary scholars and performers.