“Touch the Peak – 2018” Annual Job Fair for FHSS Undergraduates

The Final Episode of Touch The Peak 2018 – J’pura Annual Job Fair & Entrepreneurial Ventures will be held on 13th – 15th March 2019 at the FHSS Premises. This Episode is solely focusing on all degree programs of The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHSS) and the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences (Nursing, Pharmacy, MLS). Career Skills Development Society in collaboration with Career Guidance Unit is organizing this episode for the first time with the intention of uplifting the employability rate of these faculties and to prepare the undergraduates and fresh graduates for the world of work.

In order to be eligible to participate in the Job fair on 15th March, all Final year students (3rd year General & 4th-year Special degree) in both faculties must participate the workshop series that will be held on 13th March. this workshop contains a few valuable sessions such as Interview Facing, CV Writing, Personal Grooming etc. The entrepreneurial day is mainly focused on the undergraduates who are willing to be entrepreneurs yet need guidance in both financial & Non-financial ways. Mock interviews will also be held on the same day where you can get a chance to experience a  recruitment interview to find and fixed the errors you will make in the interviews on the job fair day. In Job Fair day and You can face to many interviews of esteemed companies

Register via the link below and share with your colleagues.


For further Information visit to the Touch The Peak FB page