Diploma in Japanese Language

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Diploma in Japanese Language


With the current economic crisis in Sri Lanka, many skilled workers prefer to go to foreign countries seeking job opportunities. Japan is one of the most popular destinations for such job seekers. In recent years some agreements have been signed between Japan and Sri Lanka to open the doors to job opportunities in Japan for Sri Lankan youth. These recent developments in the country have naturally created a huge demand to learn Japanese among a wider community as it is a well-known fact that competency in Japanese language is the key to live and work with minimum difficulties in Japan.


The Diploma in Japanese Language conducted by the Department of Languages, Cultural Studies and Performing Ats of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is a one-year programme basically taught in Japanese (explain in Sinhala and English, at the beginning). The programme aims to give learners a sound knowledge in the Japanese language and culture, which will increase their employability without doubt.

The main objectives of the diploma programme are as follows.

  1. Develop good communication skills in the Japanese Language based firmly on a systematic understanding of its theoretical aspects.
  2. Impart an awareness in Japanese culture, society and Japanese way of thinking thereby inculcating the ability to communicate ideas, foster intercultural understanding, and problem-solving skills.
  3. Increase employability skills in Japanese Language related fields by equipping students with the ability to exercise initiative and analytical skills.


SLQF Level 3


One Year (Two Semesters) - Starting from January, 2023


Onsite/ Online


Course Fee           : Rs. 55,000/=
Application Fee   :  Rs. 1,000/=


21st November – 5th December, 2022

  • General Certificate of Education (Advanced Level) or an equivalent qualification.
  • Or
  • General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level) with a minimum of 6 subjects in a single attempt with 4 credits and certified work experience with a minimum period of three years in any field
  • Or
  • Successful completion of SLQF Level 2
  • Complete the application below and send to the following address on or before 5th December, 2022 via registered post.

 Diploma in Japanese Language,
 Department of Languages, Cultural Studies and Performing Arts,
 Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences,
 University of Sri Jayewardenepura,
 Gangodawila, Nugegoda.

  • Send the application with the bank slip of application fee which carries Rs. 1,000/= made to the Account No: 013010001702 of Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Peoples Bank, Gangodawila Branch.
  • Payments can be made through any branch of People’s Bank (Online fund transfers viaPeople’s Wave” App only, and Cash Deposit Machines (CDM) cannot be used for payments.
  • Mention “Diploma in Japanese Language” on the left side top corner of the envelope.
  • Attach Certified True Copies of educational qualifications and working experience together with a certified copy of your birth certificate.
  • If you got selected to follow the Diploma, you will be informed in person and course fee should be made before the commencement of the programme. (Course fee can be made as two installments or full payment)

It is encouraged to forward your application through your employer if you are willing to reimburse your course fee.