Formulation of Research Proposals in Social Sciences and Humanities

Dr. D. P. S. Chandrakumara on his presentation about proposal writing in social science and humanities has mentioned the importance of having prior knowledge in research process including the areas such as research philosophy, research strategy, research methodology, data collection, analysis etc. When choosing a research topic social demand and the Importance in social point of view should be concerned. There are some features in making proper titles of a thesis;

It should stand for what is included in the thesis
It should not be too long
It can have a sub-title
It should be very clear
It should not include jargons, idioms and phrases
It is highly related to the dependent variable
It should include the formal language

Writing the introduction of the proposal and the way of reviewing literature under the relevant topic has been described in this presentation. Further construction of the problem statement or Research problem, Formulating hypotheses, Research methodology, Decide the paradigm, Analytical methods, Data sources and collection methods, Sampling methods, Budget Planning also has been described by Dr. Chandrakumara.  

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Formulation of Research Proposals in Social Sciences and Humanities

By Dr. D. P. S. Chandrakumara
Dean Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Senior Lecturer
Department of Economics