The Basha Buddy system is run by the Alumni of the English Language Society (ELS) of the Department of English Language Teaching of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura to give you someone to text/write to in English so that you can practice your English communication skills.

A language is learned through use

This is a platform which hopes to provide you an opportunity to use this language.  The Basha Buddies will try and make your English better with time by texting you back in English, and giving you an opportunity to practice it.  You can choose the medium you prefer: sms, whatsapp, email or any other – but all to do with texting or writing.

It is not an English class

It is not an English class – your improvement will happen slowly only if you are willing to keep practicing this skill.  We will upload content (either video clips or small readings texts) on to the webpage and Facebook page, to give you some material for discussion.

This is simply a forum for practice with a one-to-one communication buddy provided, for half an hour sessions two times a week.  You are responsible for your development in the language, the speed and level decided by you.

The Basha Buddy project is starting small so we will be able to serve only ten people at a time at the beginning. It will be on a first come first serve basis.  Once a free spot is available, the next person in line will be contacted.

This is a free, voluntary service given by the ELS alumni, who will provide a half an hour practice session twice a week for a maximum of four months for one participant.

Should you wish to avail yourself of this opportunity, please apply through the Google Form provided and your Basha Buddy will get back to you.

Dear all, we closed applications for the Basha Buddy programme, first round, on Jan 5, 2022, as we thought we will finish helping those truly interested among the 360 people who have applied, before we reach out to more. There are many of you waiting without any response and hopefully we will get to you at least for a hello on the phone before January is done. With lesser buddies than those who need help, we need to keep it manageable. We will let you know when we open applications again.

People behind the scenes of the Basha Buddy project:

The Basha Buddies will text you under the Basha Buddy name. Their true identity will remain unknown, as it is only as texting partner that she or he will be of use to you.

Should you wish to check if it is an actual Basha Buddy who has texted you, please check with the Department of English Language Teaching, USJP (0112802499) which will have a list of the people we have contacted so far, and will be able to tell you the Basha Buddy number too, of the person who has contacted you (though not the real name).

We give below, the members of the first team behind this project, should you wish to know who they are.

Founding members of Basha Buddies drawn from the ELS Alumni

Founder/Advisor :

Madhubhashini Disanayaka Ratnayake
(Senior Lecturer, former Head, Department of English Language Teaching)

Staff Advisors from the DELT :

Upeka Galhena
Niroshan Pathberiya

S.V.W. Udugahapattuwa
Janitha Ekanayake
Dinidu Dewapura
Ashan Galabadage
Onila Selaka
Kanishka Wijeratne
Goyum Sudaraka