Calling Applications for Mini Research Grants by MDRC of the FHSS

Multi-Disciplinary Research Centre of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences call applications for Mini Research Grants for short term research projects to encourage faculty members to engage in high-quality research.

A duly completed application form with a Research Proposal (not more than 2000 words, including Introduction, Objectives, Methodology and Time frame) should be submitted to the MDRC on or before the 20th January 2019 to the MDRC office.

The research time frame should be 3 months. A published/submitted research paper should be handed over to MDRC within 6 months of granting the money.

Budget (maximum of Rs.200,000.00) has to be submitted according to the following breakdown given. Travelling, accommodation and subsistence have to be calculated according to UGC, USJP criteria.

Payments for interviewees

No payment could be made to an interviewee for their participation.

Payment for Enumerators

  • If any payment should be made to enumerators,* the following rates should be considered.
  • Payments for filling in the questioners;
Category Pages (A4) Payment per
questionnaire (Rs)
A 1 – 2 200
B 2 – 4 400
C above 4 500


  • In-depth /focus group discussion
    The maximum amount that can be paid to an enumerator for conducting in-depth focus group discussions is Rs.2000 per session*.
  • Travelling
    An enumerator is eligible to apply for a travelling allowance at the rate of Rs.1.50 per km. However, enumerators or field assistance is not eligible for accommodation, subsistence and meals.

Payment for PI, Co-researcher and RA

PI, Co-Researcher may apply for an allowance for accommodation as follows;
-For an overnight stay, maximum up to 4 nights per month;
PI /CR – Rs. 3000 per night including meals
-If the field visit is limited to one day, PI/CR/RA is eligible for Rs. 500 as subsistence


Travelling can be claimed by the PI or CR as follows; Rs.40 per km.


If expert assistance is needed in editing the final report manuscript, payments* can be made as follows;
1.) Rs. 500 per page
2.) A4 size/font size 12/ 1.5 space
However, no payments will be made for typesetting


The allocation for miscellaneous should not exceed 2% of the total budget.
*All payments will be made to the relevant individual’s names via cheque written to her/his name.

  • This is not to use budgeted items.
  • All payments will be made for the bills provided.
  • Laptops cannot be purchased from the research budget.
  • Journal publication fee cannot be reimbursed from the research grant.
  • Strictly follow the government procurement guidelines.

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