Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is committed to the development of the community and the nation at large through the dissemination and enhancement of knowledge enriched with the country’s cultural heritage.


The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHSS) of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura is a renowned seat of learning which has produced a large number of scholars from both Humanities and Social Sciences. The origin of the faculty dates back to the foundation of the Vidyodaya Pirivena in 1873, a center of higher learning initiated as an outcome of untiring efforts and the commitment made by the Vice Chancellor, Venerable Weliwitiye Sri Soratha. The faculty which holds pride and reputation in many dimensions not only claims a rich and legendary history but also inherits a research oriented education that ensures the furtherance of knowledge and skills of undergraduates. The Faculty of Arts established concurrently with the university with a combination of the foresight and the dedication of the founding fathers, Venerable Weliwitiye Sri Soratha and Venerable Hikkaduwe Sri sumangala, was renamed as the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2011 upholding the great vision embodied in the tenet Vijja Uppattam Setta (Among all that arise knowledge is the greatest).

The faculty, without deviating from the great vision and mission of the university, has been able to extend its educational and research offer in line with the national demand of the country. All the degree programmes in the curriculum which are continuously being reviewed and developed are designed to produce globally responsible and socially responsive graduates with broad knowledge and skills related to the respective study areas. It is also important to highlight that significant efforts are concurrently being made by the faculty to increase the rate of employability of graduates and their practical application skills by incorporating diverse practical training programmes and workshops related to their respective specialized subject areas. These practical training sessions further involve enhancing soft skills of undergraduates and they can gain not only the experience but also the exposure through these institutional training which ultimately allow them to earn credits in their degree programme.

The faculty has also given prominence to develop the IT skills and communicative competence of the students. Introducing self-access learning centers, language laboratories and modern facilities and methodologies of English training witnesses some of the efforts of the faculty to improve these skills of the students.

Thus, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences which in fact is a heritage to the whole nation, is engaged in the mission of producing high quality graduates by offering them curricular, institutional training programmes and study programmes corresponding to the national development and sensitive to global requirements.

Organizational Structure

All academic and administrative activities of the FHSS are governed under the Dean of the Faculty. Academic activities are organized in the FHSS under 15 departments covering 26 fields of study. Each academic department has a head appointed by the Vice-Chancellor. However, Heads of Departments report directly to the dean of the faculty. The organizational structure of the faculty is specified below.