Author: Bhagya Dilhani Mabulage


Anuradha Nilmini is one of the modern poets who writes poems about the themes of feminity and feminism. She has written several books on poetry such as Yuga’stri, Vath Siyapath, Mandahasaka Mediyama, Ridum Piri Pirimadum, and her latest poetry collection is Nāri Sūtraya. This book is characterized by themed innovation, the use of new poetic forms, and language style. When perceiving a woman through a woman’s eyes, how she recreates what she sees is also unique to her. Therefore, this study will read Anuradha Nilmini’s collection of poetry ‘Nāri Sūtraya’, using feminist social theory. The main source of the study was the poetry Collection, Nāri Sūtraya by Anuradha Nilmini, and the secondary source was academic literature on feminism. Anuradha’s Nāri Sūtraya is an anthology composed based on sixteen real female characters who have been subjected to discussion in society. These female characters have become nationally or internationally famous by being associated with characters who are famous, alive or dead, or for some other reason. The female figures mentioned here come to the reader as a young girl, a lover, a woman, a mother, or a woman who intervenes in any context. It is considered at the anthology, ‘ Nāri Sūtraya ‘ is called ‘Kavyālēkhaya’ with the hope of creating a heart-touching thought in the reader’s mind about how the human called ‘woman’ has behaved in the face of various social forces.


Keywords: Feminism, Nāri Sūtraya Kavyālēkhaya, Women


How to Cite: Mabulage, B. D., 2023. A Feminist Reading of the Nāri Sūthraya Kāwyalēkhaya. ‘Pumithiri e-journal of Gender Studies, 2(1), pp.19-24.

Published on 08 Mar 2023