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‘Vidyodaya Undergraduate Research Day (VURD: FHSS)’ is the final activity of students that they have carried out related to the conducting of a research day. Therefore, the entire program consists of the following three activities:

  1. Pre-conference training: Students who write a dissertation are trained by the supervisors appointed by the relevant departments. However, training is provided for the students on writing and other necessary arrangements.
  2. Publishing: The publishing of abstracts/or in other forms is carried out throughout the period. Students are allowed to use the names of supervisors as joints publishers with the permission of the supervisors.
  3. Conducting the research day: 200 abstracts are presented on the Undergraduate Research Day with the participation of the staff.


Two awards will be given for the “best two abstracts” of each domain, Humanities and Social Sciences. In addition, all the presenters are awarded with a certificate as a presenter of the conference.

Selection of the Best Abstract

A desk evaluation will be carried out in order to select the abstracts complying with the guidelines given to the authors by the conference committee. The selected abstracts will be sent to two separate review panels that represent the each domain, Humanities and Social Sciences. The best two abstracts selected from both domains of study will be announced and awarded on the conference day.