Website launch of Rajagala Archeological Project


Rajagala Monastery complex has been identified as one of the three distinctive types of monasteries build during the early Anuradhapura period. It has been identified as the best preserved meditation forest monastery in the region which is yet to be archaeologically conserved. After the completion of the civil war in 2009, department of archaeology commenced its archaeological activities in the Eastern province and one of the sites which were to be attended was the Rajagala Monastery. This which is held as a historical landmark of the country contains over 700 archaeologically important remains within the area which are to be studied under close scrutiny.

The Department of History and Archaeology of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura is the only Academic Department in Sri Lanka which is capable of handling all archaeological activities namely, archaeological explorations, excavations, conservations, maintenance, management,, security and public relations; therefore, the Rajagala Archeological Project aims at revitalizing the character of the ancient Ariyakara Viharaya at Rajagala archaeological reserve to a forest monastery for the use and enjoyment of the present and future generations.

The official website containing all its future initiatives and current progress which will without doubt be a breath of fresh air for this project, was thereby ceremonially launched by the Vice Chancellor of the university together with the participation of all the academics of the Department of History and Archaeology together with its student population.