The Department of Anthropology, of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, celebrated its 61 years of proud history on 26th March 2021 through organizing the “Anthropology Day 2021”. Anthropology Day consisted of precious lectures on the history and development of anthropology (both physical and cultural anthropology) in Sri Lanka. Besides, Mr. Edvin Ganihigama; former head of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, and Emeritus Prof. B. A. Tennyson Perera of the same department were honored at the event for their lifetime contribution and dedication as academics.

Snr. Prof. Sudantha Liyanage; Vice-Chancellor of the USJ and Prof. Shirantha Heenkenda; Dean of the FHSS, Prof. Pathmalal Manage; Dean of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Prof. Charmalie Nahallage; Head of the Department of Anthropology, Mr. Edvin Ganihigama, Emeritus Prof. B. A. Tennyson Perera, Dr. Preashantha Perera, Former Director of the Central Cultural Fund and a large number of reputed guests participated in the event.

The keynote speech on reputed and prominent pioneers in the field of Sri Lankan Anthropology was delivered by Prof. Praneeth Abhayasundara of the Department of Anthropology, University of Sri Jayewardenepura. Besides, Snr. Prof Yasanjalee Jayathilake, Prof. Jayantha Jayasiri, and Dr. Sepala Samarasekara of the same department delivered short lectures on various fields related to anthropology.

Prof. Aura Manathunga; Director-General, Department of Archaeology, Prof. Gamini Ranasinghe; Director-General, Central Cultural Fund, Dr. Shiran Deraniyagala, Prof. Gamini Adhikari; Director, Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology, University of Kelaniya, Dr. Nimal Perera were also among distinguished guest speakers.

This event was funded by AHEAD department grant.


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