Introduction to the Soft Skill Development Unit

Man is the most intelligent creature living on this earth. This would be an impartial definition of the humans regarding various reasons. This complicate adjustment had evolved several substantial scopes pertaining to the broad variety of epistemology and philosophy. Even though this complexity would remain, significant growth can be achieved for the development of the humans. There is a certain source for the enhancement of human beings which is declared as “Soft Skills” and it is specifically determined as “Essential Skills”. This is not an inherent concept related to the direct definition on “Computer Science”. It would express the quality of a human who had gained multi talents. Skills are defined as the “cleverness to do something really well”. This concept is related to the emotional Intelligence Quotient of people.

Skills” could be divided into two branches; Hard Skills and Soft Skills. Hard Skills are teachable abilities or skill sets that are easy to quantify. Examples of hard skills include; proficiency in a degree or certificate, typing speed, machine operation, computer programming etc. “Soft Skills” refer to a cluster of personal qualities, habits, attitudes and social graces that make someone a good employee/ scholar and compatible to work with deferent environments. This concept deals with the “Human resource experts have stressed this importance of Soft Skills and hoe it would contribute to a sustainable development of human beings. “Lori Kocon” is a human resource expert and he declares that all job candidates who are looking for managerial positions must get awareness about their Soft Skills and get in touch with their soft sides.

  • Communication Skills/ listening skills/ presentation skills (in Sinhala and English)
  • Negotiate Skills
  • Social etiquette and manners/ attire grooming
  • Cooperation and team skills (ability to work in teams consisting of members from diverse backgrounds, ability to build a relationship, interact and work effectively towards achieving an objective, inculcate learning, measure their ability, access and manage information from a variety of sources.
  • Adaptability/ Flexibility/ initiative
  • Follow rules/ Instruction/ Work ethics/ Punctuality/ Time management
  • Critical thinking
  • Responsibility/ Dependability/ Commitment
  • Reliability/ honesty/ Integrity
  • Creative solving ability
  • Public Relations/ empathy
  • Willingness to learn
  • Leadership skills/ decision making (ability to plan, supervise, monitor and, lead)
  • Entrepreneurial skills (awareness of entrepreneurship which includes ability to define attributes, principles and the ethical values of an entrepreneur. It also measures the ability to develop business proposals and identify business opportunities).
  • Community Service (continued programmes in orphanages, elders homes and schools that come under the Township programmes)

Creating the output of graduates who had excellent personality skills, SSDU (Soft Skills Development Unit) will be able to promote the pride of our university. Knowledge of the students who study various disciplines to build up their personality skills. It would be rather important to commute those defective attitudes in the society about graduates who commended and completed the degree from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences also it would be an ideal solution for their future job opportunities.

Traditional examinations are deficient in their Soft Skills. Soft Skills complement Hard Skills, which are the technical requirement of a job. The aim of this project is to train the undergraduates of this faculty in the required Soft Skills and development their personality to enable them to perform effectively in the world of work and help them to lead successful lives and become responsible citizens.

The process performed under the Soft Skills development will not limit for lectures. Numerous projects practical activities will be arranged in order to assume perfect applied skills pertaining to Soft Skills. Therefore we could assure that Soft Skills are extremely important for the enhancement of the graduates who would execute the world of work precisely.