Social Statistics as a Main Field of Study for the Bachelor of Degree


The main field of Social Statistics covers the knowledge and skills in streams of Statistics, Mathematics and Population Studies incorporating any main fields of study as on students’ interest.


Code Course Unit Status Pre-requisites
SOST 1101.3 Basic Mathematics CCU None
SOST 1201.3 Descriptive Statistics CCU None
SOST 2102.3 Probability and Probability Distributions CCU SOST 1101.3
SOST 2104.3 Introduction to Population Studies CCU None
SOST 2202.3 Inferential Statistics CCU SOST 2102.3
SOST 2207.3 Demographic Techniques I CCU SOST 2104.3
SOST 3101.3 Sample Survey Techniques CCU None
SOST 3105.3 Demographic Techniques II CCU SOST 2207.3
SOST 3201.3 Non-parametric Statistical Methods CCU SOST 2202.3
SOST 3205.3 Applied Statistics CCU SOST 2202.3