Author: Buddhika Mithula Kumanayaka 


The social conditions for men and women have been created in the gender society based on the social perspective that looks at men and women through different faces.  In this way, the various situations and ideologies built by the society on the basis of gender can be seen in every layer of the society, and it is well reflected in the educational, religious, economic and political social institutions as well as the smallest unit of the society, the family institution.  Although it is a fact known to everyone that women are oppressed and victimized in the family corporation, it can be pointed out as a factor that everyone hides from the society.  Due to some problems in the family background, the woman is socialized, the husband and the wife should give their contribution to their family but in some cases the wife performs multiple tasks, the early marriages that can be seen in some social systems and subcultures and the direct role of the woman in the family.  Influence on independence etc. can be seen widely in the society.  Women play different roles in a family and may face various forms of injustice during childhood, youth, marriage and fulfilling roles as wife and mother.  But the main and responsible role in the family corporation is performed by the woman and she fulfills the functions of a mother, a wife, a daughter and a sister at the same time.  That is, the responsible role of maintaining the balance of a family is performed by the wife or mother in that family.  Accordingly, in a male-centered social system, no matter how much influence the woman has in the family corporation, her role is essential for the survival of the family corporation. 

Keywords: Culture, Family corporation, Gender, Society 

How to Cite: Kumanayaka, B. M., 2023. Women in Gender and the Family Corporation. ‘Pumithiri’ e-Journal of Gender Studies, 2(2), pp.45-50.


Published on 19 Nov 2023