Author: I. G. N. Prabhashini 


Sustainable development means meeting the needs of the present while securing resources for future generations. This is a unique and comprehensive approach to social progress. In sustainable development, the 17 sustainable development goals to be achieved by the year 2030 have been introduced and the fifth goal is to achieve gender equality. In the journey towards sustainable development, everyone, men and women working together for a more sustainable future is an essential factor. There the contribution of women is very important. Also, half of the world’s population is women, while their economic and social role in society is huge. Thus, to achieve sustainable development, the contribution of women should be further strengthened in every aspect of society. Economic empowerment, providing leadership for environmental conservation, women’s contribution to social and community development, and women’s contribution in political contexts are the main areas that can be identified. Also, increasing women’s empowerment in entrepreneurship and administration, in the decision-making process will lead to a sustainable future. The role of women in the past society has changed at present and in modern society, the environment for women to study, be employed, and live independently has been built. Accordingly, women’s empowerment is an essential factor for a sustainable future. 

Keywords: Empowerment, Sustainable Development, Women 

How to Cite: Prabhashini, I. G. N., 2023. Role of Women in Sustainable Development. ‘Pumithiri’ e-Journal of Gender Studies, 2(2), pp.39-44. 


Published on 19 Nov 2023