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Initial step towards curriculum revision of geography for the upcoming years (5 years)  in the Department of Geography in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences was held on 19th January 2018 at the Faculty Board Room. Stakeholders represented various fields of Geography participated in the survey focusing on the revision, updating and development of the existing  curriculum of the Department of Geography.

Prof. D. P. S. Chandrakumara, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Prof. R. M. K. Rathnayake, Head of the Department of Geography, and all the academic members of the Department participated in the Stakeholders Survey.

Additionally Emeritus Prof. Y. A. D. S. Wanasinghe, Emeritus Prof. C. K. M. Deheragoda, Emeritus Prof. K. N. J. Katupotha, Prof. W. N. Wilson, Prof. Lal Mervin Dharmasiri in the Central Environmental Authority (CEA),  Ms. M. P. R. Dhanawardane, Director of NIE, Ms. K. G. K. Indika, Director of UDA, Dr. Ranjith Premasiri, Dr. L. P. Rupasena, Mr. A. H. Gamini Hewage, Acting Director of CCD, Mr. B. A. Jayananda, Deputy Director of LPPDU and many other personals participated in this survey as stakeholders. Also two school teachers, alumni members of USJP and several undergraduates of the Department adjoined in the event.