Vidyodaya Literary Awards 2022 Successfully Held

The much-awaited Vidyodaya Literary Awards Presentation organized by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura to recognize and appreciate the national level novelists, short story writers, lyricists, poets, columnists and authors of social sciences and humanities disciplines was successfully held on 1st September 2022 at the Sumangala auditorium of the University under the patronage of the acting vice-chancellor, Snr. Prof. Pathmalal Manage and the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Prof. Shirantha Heenkenda. Renowned scholar, Snr. Prof. Ananda Thissa Kumara of the Department of Sinhala of the University of Colombo graced the occasion as the chief guest.

The Vidyodaya Literary Awards being the first and only literary awards ceremony organized by a University in Sri Lanka honored the best literary works received from each of the six categories – novels, short stories, poetry, lyrics, columns and academic publications in humanities and social sciences after a rigorous and independent evaluation process by the experts of each category. The evaluation process consisted of three rounds.

The winners short-listed for the final round were honored at the 2022 Vidyodaya Literary Awards Presentation on 1st September. Accordingly, the Vidyodaya Literary Award for the best novel in the year was won by Chandrarathna Bandara for his novel titled ‘‘Premanisansa,’ and Eric Illayapparchchi’s short story collection titled ‘Jathayanthara Papochcharanaya’ won the Vidyodaya Literary Award for the best short story collection in the year 2022. While Sandaresee Sudusinghe was able to win the Vidyodaya Literary Award for the best poetry collection for her book titled ‘‘Gini Wedunu Piyapath’ in the year 2022, the popular lyrist, Wasantha Kumara Kobawaka won the Vidyodaya Literary Award for the best collection of lyrics titled ‘Pama We Pipuna Mal Suwandai’ in the year 2022. Late Nayanasena Wanninayake’s collection of columns titled ‘Wannige Colama’ won the Vidyodaya Literary Award for the best collection of columns in the year 2022, and Saman Panapitiya’s ‘Sinhala Jana Gayana Shyli’ was awarded the Vidyodaya Literary Award for the best academic book, the newest category introduced to the Vidyodaya Literary Award from this year onwards.

During the Vidyodaya Literary Awards Presentation, the University signed five Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with prestigious publishers of the country in order to enhance the linkage between the university and the publishers of the country, a much-needed partnership to develop and appreciate the quality of publications in the country. Accordingly, the university announced S.Godage and Brothers (Pvt) Ltd. as the Gold Partner of the Vidyodaya Literary Awards while Sarasavi Publishers was announced as the Silver Partner of the Vidyodaya Literary Awards. Also, two publishers namely, Buddhist Cultural Centre and K Books Publishers entered into agreement with the University as Co-partners of the Vidyodaya Literary Awards. The University is also going to sign an MoU with Fast Publishers in the near future.

The books received for Vidyodaya Literary Awards are kept in the University library for the utilization of research, teaching and learning of the University community.