Wan Ka Chand: The First Hindi Translation of a Sinhala Novel

Mrs. Sarasi Ranasinghe a Visiting Lecturer in Hindi at the Department of Languages Cultural Studies and Performing Arts of the FHSS has published her latest book ‘Wan Ka Chand’ a Hindi translation of the Sinhala book ‘Kele Handa'(කැලෑ හඳ)written by W. A. Silva.

The launching ceremony was taken place on 2nd of May 2018 with the presence of Prof. Sampath Amaratunge, Vice Chancellor of the University of Sri Jayewardenepaura at the Indian Cultural Centre. Also, Mrs. Rajasree Behera, Director of the Indian Cultural Centre and few academic members of the FHSS including Prof. Saman Chandra Ransinghe, Prof. Pradeep Rathnayaka, Dr. Lalith Ananda participated in the launching ceremony.

Kele Handa (කැලෑ හඳ) by W. A. Silva is the first book to enter the Silver screen and incidentally, it is also the first Sinhala novel translated into Hindi. Mrs. Rajasree Behera, Director of the Indian Cultural Centre stated that this best-selling novel will indeed be an asset to the world of Hindi Literature.

Mrs. Ranasinghe is currently reading for her PhD at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura under the guidance of one of Sri Lanka’s most eminent Hindi Scholars, Prof. Luxman Seneviratne.