“Ranrasu” Festival of Art, Organised by FHSS – 2017

Ranrasu; Festival of Art organized by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences was held on 20th November 2017 at the Bandaranayaka Hall of the University. This splendorous artistic festival was graced by Prof. Sampath Amaratunge, Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. D. P. S. Chandrakumara, Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Dr. S. A. A. M. Subasinghe, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. Chief invitees of the event were Prof. Wimal G. Balagalla; a pioneer professor of the Department of Sinhala and Mass Communication, in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Mrs. Sujatha Aththanayake, one of the most famous and eminent artist of Sri Lankan music industry. This year’s Ranrasu festival was coordinated by Mr. Sunil Darangala, Senior lecturer in the Department of Sinhala and Mass Communication. President of the cultural panel of the festival was Dr. Praneeth Abyesundara, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. Most experienced and eminent judge panel including Mrs. Miranda Hemalatha, Mr. Saman Panapitiya, Mr. Daglous SiriwardhanaMr. Dharmananda Wijesinghe and Mr. Dharma Sri Kariyawasam participated to the event to evaluate the performances.

Concurrently to the Ranrasu 2017, the Academic Volume of Ranrasu was launched. Prof. W. G. Balagalla and Mrs. Sujatha Aththanayake received the first volumes from Prof. D. P. S. Chandrakumara, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

This is the largest festival of art conducts by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, aiming to open a platform to display undergraduates talents in various fields such as dancing, singing, announcing, playing, acting, painting, lyrics writing, short story writing, short film making, documentary writing and producing, etc. All the undergraduates in the faculty, academic members as well as non academic staff members had the opportunity to participate these competitions and to show their talents and skills and finally to own the victory. The most competitive event of this whole festival was the inter department competition. This year, “Award for the Best Department” was acceded by the Department of Sinhala and Mass Communication for their excellent performance.





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