Student Counseling


The main aim of this program is to provide counselling to the students of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences to surmount any problems they might face due to their academic, financial or personal circumstances. Professional counselling is provided by trained professionals such as psychological counsellors and psychiatrists made available by the Faculty of Medicine of the University.  Counselling is also accessible at Faculty level by academic members trained in counselling. 

The Student Support Centre will thus be of assistance to the undergraduates of the Faculty if they face any problems in their daily lives.  This assistance will be provided by the student counsellors of the Student Support Centre, either directly or by making arrangements for trained medical help.   


The Board of Members of the Student Counselling Program is appointed for one calendar year, commencing from 1st September 2019, by the Dean, FHSS, upon the nominations and recommendations of the Faculty Board of FHSS, and with the approval of the Senate of the USJP. The membership of any appointed member who has prolonged or unexcused absences for more than three consecutive monthly meetings will be terminated, unless otherwise notified.

Board of Members

  • Advisor – Dean, FHSS
  • Chair, SSC
  • Secretary. SSC
  • Treasurer, SSC
  • Coordinator, Student Counselling Program
  • Eight Student Counsellors of FHSS/USJP
  • Assistant Registrar, FHSS

Please contact our student counsellors if and when you need their assistance.