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Academic mentoring is a modern concept adopted by universities worldwide and most of the universities conduct programs related to this concept. Mentoring students for a successful future has been practiced by the teachers, academics, and adults in the past as well. As today’s’ educational needs are more sophisticated, academic mentoring has started developing as a separate scientific field, in which a ‘Senior Academic Colleague’ advises and assists the ‘Mentee’.

The assistance can be identified as ‘early people development’ and ‘career mentoring’ which are ways of passing on knowledge and information, sharing wisdom and experience and offering advice and helping in a confidential manner. Mentoring is a career management tool used by university students to support their career development.This service is provided to the ‘mentee’ within the first three years of his/her academic studies under three different segments, namely ‘advising’, ‘coaching’ and ‘guiding’. Based on the above objectives and requirements, the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has decided to establish a new Academic Mentoring Committee to advise and guide students in achieving their academic and professional objectives more successfully and effectively.

Aims of the Academic Mentoring Programe

  • Helping Mentees to build self confidence
  • Sharing knowledge, skills and experience
  • Enhancing student networking
  • Helping with career planning


The Board of Members of the Academic Mentoring Committee is appointed for three calendar years, commencing from the 1st of September 2019, by the Dean, FHSS, upon the nominations and recommendations of the Faculty Board of FHSS, and with the approval of the Senate of the USJP. The membership of any appointed member who has prolonged or unexcused absences for more than three consecutive monthly meetings will be terminated, unless otherwise notified.

Board of Members

  • The Chair
  • The Secretary
  • Fourteen members from each Department
  • Assistant Registrar, FHSS
  • Coordinator, AHEAD project, FHSS