Department Head’s Message

Welcome to the Department of Economics in University of Sri Jayewardenepura!


The Department of Economics was established in 1959 with the objective of offering a degree program for undergraduates & postgraduates who aspire to specialize in the field of Economics, and mold their future by comprehending the role of an economist in a dynamic economic environment

The Department of Economics can be cited as an address by University of Sri Jayewardenepura for the prevailing necessity to surge the economic students’ passion to contribute for the drive of economy in the society, by enriching them with the academic knowledge, setting a base to share their acquired learnings and to hub the expertise of economics for a sustainable economic development. We have made sure to provide ample opportunities to sharpen their employability skills along with their leadership skills.

In addition to the basics of Economics, BA Honors in Economics degree program covers a broad range in the area of Economics, which includes subjects such as Intermediate Microeconomics, Environmental Economics, Resource Economics, Managerial Economics, Financial Economics, Monetary Economics, Development Economics, Econometrics, Project Management, International Economics, Computational Economics, Taxation & Governance, Entrepreneurship, Management for Economists and much more. The inclusion of other disciplines like management, finance, political aspects has made our Economics program much more distinctive and it can be considered as an additional valuable asset for students.

Moreover, for our skillful students, the Department provides a challenging internship & research opportunities where it grants the chance to be exposed to the real-world Economic issues of various complexities while providing continuous academic support to explore novels with a prepared research mindset. In alignment with future economic related employment trends, the Economics program accommodates a high emphasis on the leading sectors, both in the local & global economy.

Since this department implements an innovative education model together with an interdisciplinary approach, the Department of Economics is approaching, one step closer to accomplishing its goal of producing multi-dimensional and qualified graduates. Enjoy browsing our website.

All the best!
Prof. B. W. R. Damayanthi
Head of the Department