“Economic Insights Challenge”, The Essay Competition -2023 organized by the Department of Economics



The theme of the essay competition is “Setting Sail on the Road to Renaissance: Sri Lanka’s Epic Journey”. This theme invites you to dive into the fascinating tale of Sri Lanka’s progress and resilience. Sri Lanka is a place with a rich history and culture, but it has faced its share of tough challenges. However, it’s now on a path to economic recovery. In your essays, we encourage you to explore how Sri Lanka has confronted difficulties and continued moving forward. Think of Sri Lanka as a place that’s experiencing a fresh start, a bit like being born again, with a mix of its past, new ideas, and strong determination. Share the fascinating details of this remarkable journey, such as the valuable lessons learned, the achievements along the way, and the dreams it holds for the future. Let your creativity shine as you narrate the incredible story of this beautiful island nation.

Follow the instructions in the atatched documents to prepare your articles.