Authors: Rashmika Dewmini Liyanage and V. P. S. S. Balasooriya



Society is dynamic and undergoes gradual changes over time. With the change of the society, the culture associated with it also changes. Based on this change made by the society and culture in terms of gender, different characteristics, identities, behavior patterns.  , Roles, Statuses and Roles Based on the status of gender society over time, it has been shown how the status of the current woman has been affected by the educational situation, the economic situation, the political situation, and the changes in the women’s gender society and focusing on the corporations.  Women can be understood separately as the social change of women internationally and the social change of women locally and through that the social change in the status and role of women can be understood by taking social institutions as the basis.

Keywords: Change in Woman, Gender Society, Social Change, Social Corporations

How to Cite: Liyanage, R. D. & Balasooriya, V. P. S. S., 2023. Change of Gender of Woman on Changing Society. ‘Pumithiri e-journal of Gender Studies, 2(1), pp.76-85.

Published on 08 Mar 2023