The Department has close contacts with the Department of Examinations, the Department of Archaeology, the Department of National Museums, the Department of National Archives, National Institute of Education and the Central Cultural Fund. As such the students who follow history or archaeology for special degree program has the opportunity to obtain in-site practical training in the usage of sources, archaeological excavation, conservation of artifacts and monuments through these institutions. The academic members of the Department provide their services to the nation by taking up various consultancy services apart from their academic activities in the University. As such they are involved in the preparation of history curriculum for the primary education in the country, supervisors in GCE AL marking program, directors in archaeological projects, etc. The department has been given the opportunity in the first time of the history of Sri Lankan University system to provide the archaeological services in an archaeological reserve in the country belongs to the State Department of Archaeology. As a result the Rajagala Archaeological Reserve, a meditation monastery spans over an area of 1025 acres established by King Lajjatissa between 167 – 137 BC, has been handed over to the department in 01st September 2012. At present under the supervision of four academic members of the department archaeological activities of the archaeological reserve is under operation. The subject of Archaeology has been recognized as a profession by an Act of Parliament and all staff members of the department are registered as professional members under this act. Over the years, the department has taken several steps to introduce the subjects of history and archaeology to the nation at large.