History – Course Units Offered


Credit value Title Status Pre- requisites
HIST 1110 03 Political History of Anuradhapura Period CCU None
HIST 1210 03 History of Polonnaruwa& the South West Kingdoms CCU None
HIST 2110 03 Currents of Eastern History CCU None
HIST 2111 03 Currents of Western History CCU None
HIST 2112 03 Beginning and Growth of Indian Imperialism CCU None
HIST 2113 03 Social Structure and Economic Activities of Ancient Sri Lanka CCU None
HIST 2210 03 Pre Historic period of Sri Lanka CCU None
HIST 2211 03 Currents of North India CCU None
HIST 2212 03 History of America and Russia SCU None
HIST 2213 03 Kandyan Period of Sri Lanka CCU None
HIST 3110 03 European History in Medieval Era CCU None
HIST 3111 03 History of Ancient Medieval Political theories and System SCU None
HIST 3112 03 Patriotic Movement of Sri Lanka CCU None
HIST 3113 03 Modern Asian History CCU None
HIST 3210 03 European History in 19th and 20th Century CCU None
HIST 3211 03 Traditional Irrigation system and water Management in Sri Lanka CCU None
HIST 3212 03 International Relations of Sri Lanka (Since Independence) SCU None
HIST 3213 03 World History in twentieth Century CCU None
HIST 4110 03 South Indian Kingdoms and Culture SCU None
HIST 4111 03 Patriotic Movement of India SCU None
HIST 4112 03 Use of Sources and Research Techniques SCU None
HIST 4113 03 History of Sri Lanka after Independence SCU None
HIST 4114 03 History of Western Political Theories and System SCU None
HIST 4210 03 New Tendencies of Socio- Economic History of Sri Lanka (from 1500-1948) SCU None
HIST 4211 03 Urbanization Trends in Sri Lanka Since Ancient Period to Modern Period SCU None
HIST 4212 03 Public Administration and Judicial System in Ancient Sri Lanka SCU None
HIST 4298 03 Institutional Training (HIST 4211/ HIST 4212 or HIST 4213) SCU None
HIST 4999 06 Independence Study SFYCU None